About Us

We have more fun that you do!

The West Coast Kickball League started in 2003 with six teams and a six pack. We’re now in our 20th year and still going strong! Check out our Family Tree below to see how we’ve grown.

Our league has not only kickball games (in costume of course), but before each game, each team has to “taunt” the other team. Winner of the taunt gets home field advantage and bragging rights. What’s a taunt? Anything from your low-budget boat race to an elaborate play that may or may not consist of music, dancing, props (lots of props), and drinking things. There are teams that are great taunters but suck at kickball, teams that suck at taunts but great at kickball, and everyone in between. Regardless, everyone has a great time and it’s an amazing community full of creativity and debauchery!